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[18 Feb 2005|12:39pm]
Ok, so I wasn's so right about Tom. He did something I never thought he would do, and it was a dick move on his part.

Well, before we started dating, he was like in love with my bestfriend Nicole. He told me that he was over Nicole and stuff. I'm like "that doesn't really matter because I know how much you liked her". But it was kinda weird when he told me because the night before he was all like talking about Nicole and crap.

He told Nicole like the night before we started dating that he spoke to me about him still liking Nicole and that I was cool with it. Are you still with me?? lol so that was pretty dumb for him.

Then like, while we were dating, he was saying to me "I hate Nicole, I just want to kill her" blah blah. And like while he was talking to Nicole he was all like "I'm sorry Nicole, I am" blah blah. Like, does he think we don't talk? We're bestfriends lol.

Anywhoo, I'm going shopping today. I got paid yesterday so I'm gunna buy myself lots of stuff. I think I'm going by myself lol. I think Colins coming. Not sure.

So I kinda feel neglected by KT. I'm not saying KT isn't allowed to hang out with her bf <3 Josh <3 lol but like I haven't talked to her or seen her at lunch in like the longest time. Where did my KT go????? <3 I still love you either way lol I know how much you like Josh.

well until next time. xoxoxo
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I'm in love <333 [07 Feb 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Whoa!! So totally in love with a boy named Tom. Alaura and KT know him.

Yes he has informed me today that he loves me also and the funny thing is that he told me hes going to ask me out tomorrow. lol stupid head. <333

So, I had quite the, interesting day today. I was sharing a locker with Alaura, but since she left, he locker was some other kids locker. They thought that my lock was Alaura's lock so they tried her combination on my lock but couldn't get it, so they cut it. I was in the bathroom when all this happened. And I came walking down the hall, with them by my locker and my broken lock in their hand lol. Just so happens, I know the guy who is taking that locker. Definitly was my cousin's Bf's cousin lol. Weird lol.

Thank god Sean was walking down the hall. I'm now, currently sharing a locker with him.

So, I miss Alaura, like crazy. I wanted to cry all day. I was super sad. But, I guess I have to stop being sad because I can call her anytime i want, when I'm not busy, and I can talk to her on msn and send her love emails lol.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm getting HIM shoes. SOOOOOO cool, best ever!!

Until next time. xoxxoxoxoox

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[02 Feb 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

OHHHHHHH ALAURA!!!!! <3333333
Why do you have to go, I'm kinda heart broken. I love you, just so you know.

So I hate the whole dating scene, I've had enough. No, I'm lieing, I love knowing someone cares for me lol enough to put up with me all the time lol.

I'm in a very good mood for some reason. I like it. I'm getting a heartagram white belt, it's awsome!!! <333. My mom is like the best mom ever! I'm not saying that because I have to but she really is. I have figured out that she kisses my head before she goes to work, which is awsome, I love it. And she bought me an Orlando Bloom Calender lol because she thought I needed one for a pick me up since I've been depressed. Drinking Canada Dry, yummm lol.

So, Alaura, she has left my school, officially, today. I'm quite sad. I might cry at school because I look forward to seeing you at our lovely locker, it's great. But you are sadly gone, but I still love you all the same lol. Oh Alaura, you came and you brought me a turkey! I have that stuck in my head.

I think that's all I have. I'm boring today. <333

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hmm [27 Jan 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So, feeling kinda depressed, crushed, left stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Colin, decided that this whole thing, our relationship, just wasn't working. Like, I don't understand him. We worked everything out like last week, and it seemed like it was going good. But then tonight, I called him and he's all like "I don't think it's working". I wanted to be all like "well maybe if you put it some kind of effort to see me...". Whatever. I don't want it to bother me too much because I have exams next week.

Eww, today, I had to disect a frog. GROSS! lol it wasn't too bad after we cut it open. It was a female one and it had like a shit load of eggs. Like it honestly filled the whole damn frog. And K.K and I decided to cut open like every part of the frog. The heart, the lungs, the poop bag, the stomach, like everything. lol ya, we're definitly screwed up lol.

The other day, i was going into the cafe to buy a drink, and as I opened the door, my face was in the way lol. So I got hit right above my lip and had a huge cut and it tasted gross. No one saw, but I thought it was super funny and told everyone. lol I told my dad and he called me an idiot.
But then he laughed. I guess it's one of those " you had to be there" type situations lol.

well, i've got nothing else. Until next time <3

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ugh [18 Jan 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So, I'm definitly like torn right in two.

God this is hard. Umm, Colin and I are on a break. I'm quite crushed by this, I know I shouldn't be as much as I am, but it's fear that makes it so much more difficult. I'm definitly afraid that we won't get back together, and that would crush me, just alot. Like, ya I know we're going to be super duper good friends, like best friends, but it wouldn't be the same. It would just suck.

But, on a lighter note, I took the longest pee today of my life. Never ever down a whole bottle of Iced-Tea, it will make you pee, alot. I think girls were talking about how long I was in the stall. Oh and I text John, KT's friend, like a million times today, ok not a million, more like 2, but it kept me from thinking of other things. Thanks KT <3, for putting up with my retardedness.

Ok well, I should really go to bed, haven't had much sleep in a while.


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WHOA! [16 Jan 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Holy man!
Like forever since I updated this. Holy CRAP!
Ok so, what's new? Um, no more Eric I am afraid. That's ok. I'm dating Colin, again. Been dating him since october.
Ugg GOD!!! So stressed. Well, I got a job and like, since Colin and I hardly get to see eachother, it's going to be extra hard to see eachother now that I have a job because my weekends will definitly be booked. It's so stressful. I've been so pissed becaus I haven't seen him.
But ya, I have a job at McD's lol. My first job. lol Fun. My Dad, I know for sure he's going to come in and like make sure I'm working cash and be all like "I'll have a . . . chees, no wait. I'll have aaaaaaa" etc. lol Which I don't mind because I won't be so stressed at work.
But really, Dad and I faught for like 2 weeks without even saying a word. And like all of a sudden, it's like it's ok, as if nothing happened. Which is ok I guess. But I don't want to pretend like it never happened.
W.e, everything is all ok now, except for the whole me and Colin problem and crap. Not going to get into detail. Thomas is talking to me. It sucks because I want to tell him that this girl, my best friend, that he is madly in love with, has a b.f. I just can't get myself to tell him, it would like crush him. And I know what being crushed feels like, believe me you.
Ok so I just told him. I had to. After reading that I couldn't, I had to. Oh my, he didn't know she had one.
I hit the wall today, with my hand. It hurt quite alot. I was super upset that I couldn't see Colin and now it is like, swollen. I hit the corner. Interesting eh? Ya not really.
Wow, I really have nothing to write. Ok well I'm off.


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[21 Aug 2004|08:10am]
[ mood | content ]

So, I'm at my cousin Amber's birthday party. It's fun, for people who know people. I only know steff, my aunt, amber and martin. But I hardly talk to any of them except for steff. well i've been haning out with her the whole time.
I think that has made amber mad because I ask her if somethings wrong and shes like no but i know there is something wrong.
Buuuut. ya i think thats all i got. soooo ill see ya <3
Love ya<3

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[16 Aug 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Umm, I really have nothing to say.
I was told by some guy that he was HIM's biggest fan and how I'm just a poser and shit. Sure bud, if anyones a poser,although I don't like calling anyone a poser, it's that guy for going on about how much of a fan he is of a band. Like common, who brags about being a big fan of a band. Like yes I absolutly love HIM but I don't go around saying that I'm a big ass fan and brag and shit. But like whatever lol
My brother is dumb. He took apart his desk in his room thinking that he doesn't need it and Mom yelled at him and like, hes in shit lol.
A random cat just shit in my yard. It looks sick, like its super skinny, so I gave him a sausage. He might like it. 
I think that's all I got.
Love ya <33

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[11 Aug 2004|11:46pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]


oh oh goodness. Brendan made it, join please? thats my name! ahh lol
join, it will be great. <33

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[07 Aug 2004|06:39am]
[ mood | but tired ]

Add her xxsilentdreamxx. that would be my cousin Amber she's super sweet and i love her. She's 15 going on 16 soon. She's tall and has a tall boyfriend haha. She has auburn hair, oh sexy, and brown eyes. umm I'm soon going to make this profile a friends only, I'm too lazy to do it right now, as you see it's early on the morning so ya. well any whoo. im off. sorry this is super long like all the rest. i just have nothing to write about.
Love ya <3

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[03 Aug 2004|02:58am]
[ mood | tired out of my mind ]

Whoa Whoa!!!
My page is too cool for school. I feel superior (i dont actually) because its awsome. i learned how to do it all by myself. ok no i lied about that also, i got help lol. awsome. you can get different ones at www.soup-faerie.com. lol i must say i like that website. but yes. it must have been a week since i updated. but ive been major busy so please for give me. nothing has happened anyways lol. well im off, its like 2:30 am right now. whoa im tired.
Love you <3

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BUH!!! [25 Jul 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Its sunday. yesterday, we were at LaRonde!!!! whoa best time ever lol. Me and Amber went on most of the rides, like the big ones. and on all of them we were on the front of them! crazy! its was fun.

ok where to start... ok so Amber came over friday. we woke up at like 7am saturday to leave at 8 so we could meet up with my aunt and uncle and his sister and my 2 cousins. it felt like forever to get there but we saw some nice things on the way. like the lake and some mountains... i dont know which mountains but they were nice. we got there and decided to go on a ride called "Dragon". it was just some dinky little ride in a building but it was cool. haha it was dark so i guess that made it kinda scary.

then we went on "The Monster". one of the biggest and best Rollarcoasters at LaRonde. its wooden which makes it fucking scary, well i think so anyways. just the thought of it like breaking while your on it. :O. haha. but ya and we went on the boomerang, it brings you up backwards so when you go down your facing fowards and it lets you go and you do 2 loops and get hooked but then it lets you go so that back is facing the way your going.. like uhh yaya you'll get it. and we went on this orange one, i dont know what its called. and we went on this like thing, the seats are in a circle and it like goes side to side like the pirate ship and it turns. then we ate mickey D's. yumm haha. then Amber had to pee so we went to go and she twisted her ankle in a hole and tripped and did some like funny movement lol and it was infront of like these random hot guys. talk about embarassing haha. i laughed so hard! it was great lol.

then we went on this ride called the "Tornade". supposed to be french lol. and you sit in it like, you know the ride at the ex "1000 nights" or something and your on a carpet? well you sit in it like that but instead of going side to side it swings you forward and back. and your spin like crazy and at one point it locks and brings you upside down.

we went on a ride calle "The Cobra". stand up rollarcoaster! sooo fun. but what sucked was that i didnt know when the seats were going to lock.. like theres a think you sit on to keep you in, and like i was bouncing up and down, we were in the front by the way, and as i bounced up it locked so like it was up in my crotchel area and oh man it hurt. i got off and i felt like i just rode a horse bare back. god it hurt

then me and Amber went on this little ride called "Disco(something)" cant remember. but it it was cool. then we all met up and we all went onto "The Vampire". ohhh so much fun. me and amber didnt get front but meh. haha 1hour 30mins wait in line lol. me and amber were like sorta stalking a guy. well amber was the one that said that he was stock-worthy lol. he was gorgeous. but ya and he sat in front of us and we were in the second row of the ride so it wasnt that bad. we went on "the monster" again, but on the other rail, because there was 2 of them. haha each ride on the monster, me and amber were like crying because of the wind in our eyes lol. ohh! and the second time we went on that, they took our pics! it was priceless our faces. haha it was great. but then mom made us go with them to see the fireworks but i wasnt done yet. so we saw where they were sitting and amber and i went to see if there were anymore rides to go on. unfourtunatly there wasnt so we decided to go to the big Nintendo thingy. loved it haha because im such a geek when it comes to video games.

but when we went to meet back up with mom and them, they werent where they were before and i thought they went looking for us so i thought we were lost and i was like running around like "omg where is everyone" haha i was so scared. but then shane showed up and saved us and we went to sit with everyone and watched the fireworks. were really nice since it was a group from germany doing like syncranized fireworks with really nice music from a german composer. they are in like some firework compatition. cool

so we went to the car and we couldnt leave because we were like in the last parking lot so they let the ones before us empty and we were almost last. we sat in the car for like 1 hour. as we were leaving it was slow and mom said to go in the other lane since it was moving faster. but once we left the parking lot we were being detoured. this started a fight between mom and dad lol. and then we got lost in like Montreal. but we eventually made it out onto the 40 and headed home at like 1:30am haha. we got home at 3am. so tired. we went right to bed. that was my weekend. fun eh? well thats all. later
love you <3

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This is for you KT [22 Jul 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

KT asked me to update soo i am.
This i dedicate to her because she its that special and i love her.
what to say about KT. Definitely is one of the greatest gals i know. shes really good at knowing things and helping me out. giving me adivce and saying that shes right when i try to disagree with her. on many occassions.. she is right, most of the time and it sucks because shes so good at that. she always knows when things are going to work out right and if things are going to turn out bad.
i like how shes soo like 80's and earlier. i like her granny clothing. like the bright aqua blue sweater that she has. i remember she wore that to a concert that we went to together.. and she passed out.. or was it that one.. yes it was.. and CJ (HOT) gave her his jacket.. awww what a sweety eh? i love CJ. but back to KT.
i like how she was always so sure of things. i like how she talks and writes in french haha. <3
im sure theres much much more i could say about KT but i cant think right now. all i know is that i love her and i thank her for everything that shes done for me.. haha i love her
love you

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Yay! [21 Jul 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hurray! this weekend im going to LaRonde! im excited. i like it there. definitly going on every possible ride. i love rollercoasters.

Amber is coming over on friday to come with us. we both get excited then we get all giddy and its funny. im lame lol.

Goodness gracious. Eric, im so jealous, is in Paris right now. i wish i was there. Paris.. the city of love haha. hes going to b going to Rome and <3Venice<3 in august. definitly even more jealous.

Today sucked. it was hot and it was boring and long. i got woken up by josh at like 8:30am. like i hate sleeping in but come on, 8:30's just too early. unless im already up because i sometimes dont sleep. its still too hot. i might go for a swim.

i never realized how much i liked AFI until like last night. i was listening to their cd and im like "holy shit thats why i like them" haha yes i most of the time just sit in my room and think while i listen to music. ok maybe thats all i do. besides try my best to skateboard and play bass. which i must say, am very good at.

eww i hate bragging. i think ill stop lol.
love you <3

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ok? [20 Jul 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | over tired ]

ok so now its working. thanks to lovely Brendan. thanks darling.
damn power just came back on like 20 mins ago. i went crazy because it was sooo hot. i had to like strip down to like my undergarments. ya you like that. okok joking joking. im so lame. guys are lame. ok only a select few. all the rest that im either friends with or i dont know are fine.

I think i should start talking about how GOOD! the band HIM is. they are soooo fucking amazing. right now im listening to the song The Sacrament off of their cd Love Metal. go out and get every one of their cds. they are so good. im like the unofficial word spreader for them. i think ill email them and tell them. i only need 2 more cds and my collection is complete. uh holy frig im obsessed with them. its actually kind of gross how much i like them. umm some say the lead singer, <3Ville Valo<3, looks gay. but really hes not. he likes wearing tight pants. and i like them too because he has a nice but in them. i think all guys should wear tight pants. they are sexy. hmm. back to HIM. ok yes. songs to consider downloading, although i would never download any of ther music because i have too much respect for them: The sacrament, The Path, Singilum Diabolli and Fortress of tears. oh god they are so good. go to www.heartagram.com. thats their site.

ok enough now
love you

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Hmm [20 Jul 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

ok so, my damn comment count isnt working and i dont know how to fix it. if anyone know how to fix it or knows someone who can fix it, could you please tell me. its pissing me off lol. pretty sad eh? well anyways thats all i got.
Love you

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[14 Jul 2004|12:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

always knew i was freddy

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Genre Bashing [03 Jul 2004|01:20am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

To start off with, I am a hustler for Taking Back Sunday. A hustler is someone that helps out the band to be known and stuff. TBS is an emo band, very good band also.

I have posted on different forums to tell people about TBS's new cd. Now people who have replied are jerks. Like i'm not complaining or anything but like come on. They say things like "don't cheer up, stfu emo kid". Ok, yes, people are intitled to their own opinion, but do they really have to put people down? No they don't. They dont have to make fun of people telling others about a band that some people actually like. The world doesn't revolve around you sweethearts.

Ya? So? I'm emo. Does it really matter what type of music I listen to? It just makes those people look bad. The people who agree with me or think the same way as me would think those people make themselves look bad if they read the forum.

Anywhoo. It just makes me mad that people actually do that. And stereotypical people, they really get me.

I'm Done

Song: Taking Back Sunday - Cute without the E

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